Diabolical delicious deeds

Alltså jag MÅSTE!!!!

Kan man sjunga 'Waking The Monster' bättre än vad jag i detta nu hör? :O
OMG!!! OMFG!!! :D

The Professor is building something extraordinary
From the first signs, well I knew he would hide it from me
Clang, clang rattle and buzz
There's a helicopter blade and a bit of a truck
He's got no more quality time to be
Going on adventures spending mornings on black key
Using a ouija board
Or finding hidden places that have never been sought I pray
Origami, full of grace
The professor is mad and he's working a feverish pace
Diabolical, delicious things
Something is bad and it's something within me

Mhm... had to be said.. mahaha :D


Postat av: M.

Stan imorgon! Wie.

2008-12-22 @ 22:04:31
URL: http://meast.blogg.se/

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